Mark C. Henrie
  Mark C. Henrie is Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. He holds degrees from Dartmouth, Cambridge, and Harvard. Mr. Henrie is the author of A Student's Guide to the Core Curriculum, and his articles and reviews have appeared in numerous publications. He serves on the editorial and advisory council of First Things magazine and is a member of the board of visitors of Ralston College in Savannah, Georgia. He is also a founding member of the board of directors of the Center for European Renewal (The Hague, Netherlands) and of Regina Luminis Academy, a classical school in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Mr. Henrie and his wife, Claudia, live in West Chester, Pennsylvania, together with their five children.

ISI Books
Author of A Student's Guide to the Core Curriculum
Editor of Arguing Conservatism
Author of A Student's Guide to the Core Curriculum and A Student's Guide to Liberal Learning
Editor of Doomed Bourgeois In Love
Contributor to The Enduring Edmund Burke

Online Lectures
America's Englishness
Culture: High, Low, Middlebrow and Popular
John Henry Newman and the Idea of a University
Panel Discussion: Asking the Right Questions When Choosing the Right College
Rethinking American Conservatism…Yet Again

ISI Journals
—Fall 2003, MA
The Refreshment of the Humanities
Jeffrey Hart, Smiling Through the Cultural Catastrophe: Toward the Revival of Higher Education

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Editor's Note
—Fall 2010, IR
Editor's Note
—Fall 2009, IR
Opposing Strains
—Winter 2002, MA
Re-Constituting American Conservatism
—Fall 1999, MA
Russell Kirk and the Conservative Heart
—Spring 2003, IR
Thomas Pangle and the Problems of a Straussian Founding
—Winter 1994, MA
—Spring 2000, IR
Reason, Unreason, and the Conservative
—Summer/Fall 1987, MA
Russell Kirk’s Unfounded America
—Fall 1994, IR
Rethinking American Conservatism in the 1990s: The Struggle Against Homogenization
—Spring 1993, IR
The Road to the Future
—Fall 1991, IR