Wayne H. Valis
  Wayne Valis is President and Founder of Valis Associates, an independent public policy consulting and advocacy company that specializes in political representation, economic development, and business arrangements. Prior to founding Valis Associates in 1983, Mr. Valis served three U.S. Presidents: Nixon, Ford, and Reagan. From 1981-83, he served as Special Assistant to President Reagan for liaison with business, working on the Economic Recovery Program. He later assisted then-Vice President George Bush on regulatory reform issues. In 1995, Valis helped create and served on the executive committee of the Cheney for President Exploratory Committee. From 1973-74, he was Staff Assistant to President Nixon, and from 1974-1977, he was Director of Planning and Research, Office of Public Liaison for President Ford. During 1972-73, and again from 1977-1981, Mr. Valis served at the American Enterprise Institute. Prior to 1972, Mr. Valis was editor of The Intercollegiate Review. He has written numerous articles and reviews, as well as a book, The Future under President Reagan. He earned his bachelors degree in political science from Rutgers University.

ISI Journals
A Patrician Patriot
Max M. Mintz, Gouverneur Morris and the American Revolution

—Fall 1972, MA