M. Stanton Evans
  Mr. Evans is the founder and former director of the National Journalism Center in Washington, DC, a frequent ISI lecturer, and former editor of the Indianapolis News. His most recent work is The Theme Is Freedom: Religion, Politics, and the American Tradition in addition to numerous contributions in countless books and journals. In 2003, Mr. Evans received the ISI Regnery Award for Distinguished Institutional Service.

ISI Books
Contributor to Steps Toward Restoration
Contributor to Freedom and Virtue
Foreword to Principles and Heresies

Online Lectures
Conservatism and the Reagan Administration
Interviewing Conservative History
Is Collectivism Inevitable?
Is Collectivism Inevitable? -- Panel Discussion
Is Collectivism Inevitable? -- Q&A
Political Terms
Reflections on a Life in the Movement
Revolt on the Campus Part 1
Revolt on the Campus Part 2 -- Q&A
Student Body Speech
The Fifth Annual Dinner for Western Civilization
The Fifth Annual Dinner for Western Civilization: Remarks
The New Left and the New Right
The Religious Roots of the American Revolution

ISI Journals
In Sight of a New History of the Cold War
—Spring 2001, MA
Toward A New Intellectual History
—Fall 1981, MA
Varieties of Conservative Experience
—Spring 1971, MA
The Radical Fatigue
Irving Howe (ed.), The Radical Papers
Milton R. Konvitz, Expanding Liberties: Freedom's Gains in Postwar America
Phillip Abbott Luce, The New Lift

—Winter 1966-67, MA
The Horizontal Medici
Harold faber (ed.), The Kennedy Years

—Summer 1965, MA
The New Totalitarians
—Spring 1969, IR
A Conservative Case for Freedom
—Fall 1960, MA
The Muggeridge Papers
—November-December 1967, IR
A Conservative Retrospect
—September-October 1966, IR
The States and the Constitution
—November-December 1965, IR

ISI Awards
ISI Regnery Award for Distinguished Institutional Service