M. Stanton Evans is the director of the National Journalism Center. He has been a major figure in the conservative intellectual movement virtually since its inception. After graduating from Yale Stan became an assistant editor under Frank Chodorov at the Freeman in the 1955. It was at this time that he shared an apartment with Vic Milione and Don Lipsett, Stan and Don irritating Vic with their rock music and passion for football—and no doubt irritating him in other ways as well. After stints at National Review and Human Events, Stan would go on to become the editor of the Indianapolis News—at age 26, he was the youngest editor of a metropolitan daily in the nation. In 1960 he would help found the Young Americans for Freedom, and in 1977 he founded the National Journalism Center. The author also of many books, including 1994's The Theme is Freedom, Stan has played a central role in the spread of conservative ideas and the building of conservative institutions, including ISI, with which he has been associated from the beginning. And of course, he is the conservative movement's funniest man (one example: "It was really hard for us young conservatives to recover from the Goldwater defeat; it was all the worse because in those days we had no grief counselors.") ISI has been greatly blessed by its association with Stan.

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Contributor to Steps Toward Restoration
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Foreword to Principles and Heresies

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