Stephen Tonsor is Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Michigan. He is the author of Tradition and Reform in Education (Open Court, 1974) and has published essays and reviews in such publications as Victorian Studies, Journal of Modern History, The Catholic Historical Review, and The Review of Politics.

ISI Books
Author of Equality, Decadence, and Modernity

Online Lectures
The Abandonment of the Utopia and the Contemporary Intellectual Situation
The Meaning of a Liberal Education -- Panel Discussion
The Romantic Revolution and the Loss of Pride
Utopianism and the Myth of the Golden Age

ISI Journals
Mistaken Assumptions
—Winter 2002, MA
Lord Action: Another Eminent Victorian
Roland Hill, Lord Acton

—Summer 2001, MA
Elites, Community, and the Truth: A Little Story
—Summer 2000, MA
How Does the Past Become the Future?
—Winter 2000, MA
Liebe Hitler
John Lukacs, The Hitler of History

—Fall 1998, MA
Conservatives as a Creative Minority
—Winter 1998, MA
Jacob Burckhardt: Tradition and the Crisis of Western Culture
—Winter 1997, MA
The Man Who Was in Love with the Past
—Summer 1995, MA
Russell Kirk (1918-1994)
—Winter 1995, MA
The Whig View of History
David Cannadine, G. M. Trevelyan: A Life in History

—Fall 1994, MA
The Inevitability of Tradition
—Spring 1994, MA
The God Question
Eric Voeglin, Published Essays, 1966-1985: The Collected Works of Eric Voeglin, Volume 12, edited by Eillis Sandoz

—Fall 1992, MA
Marxism and Modernity
—Fall 1991, MA
Chrisitanity and the Second Religiosity
—Summer 1990, MA
A Place Apart: The Architecture of Ideas
—Spring 1997, IR
Überstudiert in Chicago
—Winter 1988, MA
The Father of Totalitarian Democracy:Jean-Jacques Rousseau
—Summer/Fall 1987, MA
The Haunted House of the Human Spirit
—Fall 1985, MA
The Conservative as Historian: Francis Parkman
—Summer/Fall 1983, MA
Technology and the Conservative Classical Liberal Debate
—Winter 1982, MA
Educating the Children of the "Me" Generation
—Summer 1981, MA
Equality: The Greek Historical Experience
—Winter 1981, MA
Equality in the New Testament
—Fall 1980, MA
The New Natural Law and the Problem of Equality
—Summer 1980, MA
Equality and Ancient Society: The Egyptian Instance
—Spring 1980, MA
The Medieval Quest for Individuality
—Fall 1988, IR
Two Cheers for Behemoth University
—Spring 1979, MA
Liberty and Equality as Absolutes
—Winter 1979, MA
Political Religion
Glen E. Thurow, Abraham Lincoln and American Political Religion

—Winter 1979, MA
The Image of Science and Technology in Utopian and Science Fiction Literature
—Winter 1976, MA
The United States as a "Revolutionary Society"
—Spring 1975, MA
Political Idealism and Political Reality
—Fall 1974, MA
What is the Purpose of Politics?
—Spring 1974, MA
The Iconography of Disorder: The Ruined Garden and the Devastated City
—Fall 1973, MA
Redefining Liberal Education
—Summer 1972, MA
Modernity, Science and Rationality
—Spring 1972, MA
A Fresh Start: American History and Political Order
—Winter 1972, MA
Education in the 1970's: Consolidation and Reform
—Summer 1971, MA
Hölderlin and the Modern Sensibility
—Spring 1971, MA
The Use and the Abuse of Myth
—Spring 1980, IR
Student Autonomy and Financial Independence in Advanced Education
—Winter 1971, MA
The Drift to Starboard
Frank S. Meyer, The conservative Mainstream

—Summer 1969, MA
Poetry and Revolution
—Winter 1968-69, MA
Nihilism as a Metapolitical Problem
Ernst Nolte (trans. By Leila Vennewitz), Three Faces of Fascism

—Fall 1966, MA
The Reverent Historian
Samuel Eliot Morison, Vistas of History

—Spring 1965, MA
Nationalism in Revival
René Lauret, France and Germany: The Legacy of Charlemagne
Robert Aron, France Reborn: The History of the Liberation

—Winter 1964-65, MA
Tradition: Use and Misuse
Barrows Dunham, Heroes and Heretics, A Social History of Dissent
Vernon J. Bourke, Will in Western Thought, An Historico-Critical Survey

—Fall 1964, MA
Science, Technology and the Cultural Revolution
—Winter 1972-73, IR
History as Nightmare
Wiliam H. McNeill, The Rise of the West: A West: A History of the Human Community

—Spring 1964, MA
Freedom and the Crisis in Historiography
—Winter 1963-64, MA
Who Killed the Liberal Arts
—Fall 1970, IR
Faculty Responsibility for the Mess in Higher Education
—Spring 1970, IR
The Missionary and the Commissar
—Fall 1959, MA
History, A Revolutionary or Conservative Discipline?
—January-February 1966, IR
History and the God of the Second Chance
—Spring 1958, MA
Hope and History
—September 1965, IR